Emily Drew

Licensed Real Estate Agent
0451 948 315
Living in the UK for many years, Emily’s professional journey began in the world of fitness and wellness. Armed with a Masters degree in Exercise Rehabilitation from Oxford University, Emily made a significant impact as a personal trainer and personal assistant to renowned actress Emma Watson. Her role took her across the globe, from the bustling streets of London to the vibrant energy of New York and the glamour of Los Angeles.

During her time as a personal assistant and live-in trainer, Emily played a pivotal role in helping high-profile personalities like Emma Watson, as well as other actresses and models, find and settle into their dream homes.

In 2024, Emily is excited to embark on a new chapter by officially joining forces with her twin sister, Sarah, in the real estate industry. With a strong foundation in customer service, empathy, and personal assistance, Emily is well-equipped to guide her clients through the intricate process of selling their home.

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